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12 January 2019
Song of the Worlds is an epic saga written by a dying man. Brandon Barr was not only a terrific writer but also a man without peer.
In this, the first book of his saga, we meet two young women living on different worlds. These are worlds that appear in no other work of fiction. They are connected by portals which are protected by the Guardians. The Guardians were apparently established by the Makers, those beings who created the worlds and their people. They also created those who could prophesy, heal and do other miraculous things with the power of the Makers. But something is preventing such people from surviving and the people are starting to doubt the teachings of the Makers.
Unfortunately, the Guardians didn’t protect the portal of Hearth, Meluscia’s homeworld, when the city around it was attacked by a creature called Isolaug! Isolaug now controls the area around the portal and has worked for centuries to pit the two closest kingdoms against each other. First conquer Hearth then the galaxy. Meluscia doesn’t know this but she does know that her kingdom should make peace with Verdland not war. But she faces an enormous obstacle in her path to becoming Luminess which is the only way she would be able to carry out her plans.
Winter lives on Loam where the portal works, unfortunately for the natives of Loam. They are now enslaved by conquerors with no way out. Winter is a seer who still believes in the Makers. She has lost her parents to the harsh regimen that the natives of Loam live under. She blames herself for not stopping the killing of her parents because she had a vision of the act. She has now decided that she cannot let injustice continue and she will use her visions to the good of the people. She has no idea of the difficult journey ahead of her.
Yes, this book ends with a cliffhanger! The story is such that the reader has to continue on to the next book! Beautifully written.
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