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14 July 2019
Compared to other smart bulbs that only change their colour temperature rather than have true multicolour, the LIFX Mini Day/Dusk goes much lower in the Kelvin rating range, right down to 1500k.

For those trying to eliminate blue light to help with sleep problems it makes them worth a look compared to the competition that doesn't go much lower than incandescent ~2500k range.

Linked to Google Home flawlessly, and the schedule option in the LIFX app is great for bluer whites upon waking and redder as it gets closer to bedtime.

The only down side, which is true for almost all smart lights, is LIFX have no physical switches that place them in standby to work like a "dumb light switch" all, and all the cheaper after-market versions work via LIFX's cloud protocol rather than WiFi protocol, which means a noticeable lag between pressing the button and the light itself responding. This leads to the people you place the emulated "dumb" switches for (elderly parents etc) to keep pressing the buttons thinking they don't work.

TL;DR - if LIFX released a physical button similar to their major competitor's 4 way dimmer button that works locally rather than relying on the cloud, these would be five star best option hands down. Of note, the competitor with the good button doesn't have B22, so at the moment for Australian buyers there isn't really a hands down best option.
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