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22 November 2015
I liked the first book... Typically I get annoyed with protagonists- particularly female ones. But I didn't mind Kelsea in the first book. She was brave and heroic, had integrity, showed some wisdom beyond her years... She was fair and rational... While I got a bit tired of hearing about how fat and "plain" she was - I did think this was a good venture on behalf of the author (I'm sure we are all sick of reading about super-beautiful, super-smart heroines).

The second book was a complete backflip on the first one. Kelsea loses weight and becomes stunningly beautiful by the end of the book. As part of her transformation she becomes cruel and sadistic. She utterly turns on all her friends... She starts self-harming and having superficial sexual relationships for purely selfish reasons.

Kelsea becomes a self absorbed, flippant, superficial, emo who lashes out at everyone close to her...

I don't mind some 'rough' reading but there were unnecessary rape scenes that really did not value-add to the storyline.

... I 'get' that the author is probably just trying to demonstrate how Kelsea bordered on evil but now has gone back to the 'light' and will potentially spend the 3rd book endearing herself to everyone again... But she has fallen pretty far... I don't think Kelsea (or this series) is recoverable...

Finally... The author uses a lot of 'flashbacks' to pre-crossing to tell a story. Honestly - these flashbacks constitute about 50% of the book... They were used to highlight how history repeats itself... and I guess to set the scene for the crossing and William Tears reign... But I don't know if it was done very well...
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