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Customer Review

21 November 2018
I was instantly sucker punched from the first chapter! I first so bad for Aria I just couldn't believe that already things were turning sour for her. But things take a turn and she finds herself a sweet and handsome man. Well, he finds her ;)

Things aren't exactly easy for Aria. Evil stepmother constantly on her back and the pressure of protecting her father's legacy... it's enough to make anyone want to scream in rage. And yet Henry is there to help her through the muck. A dashing prince ready to battle anyone in his path. And yet, he is incredible kind and shy at times.
"Am I yours?"
I nodded enthusiastically. "Very much so."
His smile lit my world.

Aw... it makes your heart melt. And yet, you have this anxious and apprehensive feeling lingering in the pit of your stomach. But it's not only evil stepmothers with secrets in their closets... But a fairy in disguise somehow comes to the rescue! And a dragon gets their comeuppance ;)

It's a great new spin on a classic favourite. It brings Cinderella into the modern world which makes it relatable and all the more real. I had strong feelings for some characters. Some which deserved to be slapped... with their own book! It's a real credit to Krista for writing such real characters that cause you to invest yourself into their lives. The blurb and cover were what originally caught my attention but the story within had me hooked from page 1! I'd definitely say that this was a fantastic story.
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4.7 out of 5 stars