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26 July 2017
I learnt about this book prom a recent article in the New York Review of Books. That article drew an uncanny resemblance between the plot line of this book and the antics of the newly elected Donald Trump. The NYRB article pricked my interest and so I purchased a Kindle copy.

As an Australian much of the political detail of 1940's America was unknown to me. So even though this book is a work of fiction it is also an insightful "history" of those times.

But the lasting impact this book will have on me is the feeling of how racism is so easily aroused in peoples who have lived previously in harmony. The way the Roth family are catapulted out of their quiet suburban lives into a life of fear and uncertainty. And why? Because they are Jewish!

The "stars" of this book are clearly Herman and Bess Roth; the way each rises to handle the wave of anti-sematism bought me close to tears on several occasions.

A truely great read and highly recommend.

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