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Reviewed in Australia on 13 June 2020
Quick romance timeframe wise. Everything happens within a few days but doesn’t diminish the story.
Joe is still very likeable enough in his own book but Wolf is the best of this bunch. Probably why I have read it loads of times compared to the rest only been read a few times.
Saying that, I still enjoyed this story and Caroline and Joe together.
Loved that Caroline is top of her field in a man’s world and is equal to Joe and able to hold her own.
My only disappointment is the instant forgiveness. Caroline does tear into Joe and gives him a great piece of her mind.
If Caroline had just held out that bit longer, and accepted nothing less than a grovelling apology, I would have loved her more.
Great ending with them both visiting the mountain and the baby.
I hated the instant forgiveness aspect but that is how the formula of books of this era were. Tough alpha male, virgin heroine not matter her age and forgiveness without explanation or apology.
Read in the eBook box set through my library as I lost my paperback versions of these books in a house move.
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4.6 out of 5
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