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  1. #10
    On Philosophy and Philosophers: Unpublished Papers, 1960–2000
    Richard Rorty
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: 31 March 2020
  2. #17
    I Am a Strange Loop
    Douglas R. Hofstadter
    Kindle Edition
  3. #19
    Truth: Philosophy in Transit
    John D. Caputo
    Kindle Edition
  4. #23
    The Complete Works of Bertrand Russell
    Bertrand Russell
    Kindle Edition
  5. #25
    How To Be Trustworthy
    Katherine Hawley
    Kindle Edition
  6. #32
    The Gay Science
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    Kindle Edition
  7. #45
    Action, Knowledge, and Will
    John Hyman
    Kindle Edition