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Best Sellers in Literary History & Criticism Reference

  1. #2
    In Tasmania
    Nicholas Shakespeare
    Kindle Edition
  2. #6
    The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
    M. C. (St Anne's College
  3. #10
    To Kill a Mockingbird: CliffsNotes
    Tamara Castleman
    Audible Audiobook
  4. #12
    Why I Burned My Book (American Subjects)
    Paul K. Longmore
    Kindle Edition
  5. #13
    A Students Guide to Classics
    Bruce S. Thornton
  6. #15
    The Penguin Classics Book: In Search of the Best Books Ever Written
    Henry Eliot
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: 21 February 2019
  7. #16
    Adventures in Theory: A Compact Anthology
    Professor Calvin Thomas
  8. #21
    An Atlas of Tolkien
    David Day
  9. #23
    Bob Dylan: A Life In 37 Albums
    David Redford
    Kindle Edition
  10. #24
    Hamlet: CliffsNotes
    Carla Lynn Stockton B.A. M.A.…
    Audible Audiobook
  11. #27
    CliffsNotes on Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
    Tamara Castleman
    Kindle Edition
  12. #28
    777 & Other Qabalistic Wrtings
    Aleister (Aleister Crowley) Crowley
  13. #31
    The Penguin Classics Book
    Henry Eliot
  14. #32
    How to Read Literature
    Terry Eagleton
    Kindle Edition
  15. #33
    The Elements of Style
    William Strunk
    Kindle Edition
  16. #36
    The Evolution of the Gilgamesh Epic
    Jeffrey H. Tigay
  17. #37
    The Crucible: CliffsNotes
    Jennifer L. Scheidt M.A.
    Audible Audiobook
  18. #40
    The Catcher in the Rye: CliffsNotes
    Stanley P. Baldwin M.A.
    Audible Audiobook
  19. #44
    Ian Fleming's James Bond
    John Griswold
  20. #45
    Lord of the Flies: CliffsNotes
    Maureen Kelly
    Audible Audiobook
  21. #48
    On Color
    David Kastan
  22. #49
    Macbeth: Oxford School Shakespeare
    William Shakespeare
    Kindle Edition
  23. #50
    Portable Poetry Workshop
    McLoughlin N.