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Best Sellers in Philosophy of Psychology

  1. #7
    Meanings of Life
    Roy F. Baumeister
  2. #22
    Yi-Fu Tuan
    Kindle Edition
  3. #25
    Self-Deception: With a New Chapter
    Herbert Fingarette
    Kindle Edition
  4. #26
    Platonism and Positivism in Psychology
    Mortimer Adler
    Kindle Edition
  5. #34
    The Organism
    Kurt Goldstein
  6. #44
    The Scientific Credibility of Folk Psychology
    Garth J.O. Fletcher
    Kindle Edition
  7. #45
    The Mind and Its Depths
    Richard Wollheim
    Kindle Edition
  8. #47
    Nietzsche and Depth Psychology
    Jacob Golomb
    Kindle Edition
  9. #50
    The Discursive Mind
    Rom Harré
    Kindle Edition