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Amazon Best Sellers
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Best Sellers in Politics, Philosophy & Social Sciences

  1. #14
    500 Words You Should Know
    Caroline Taggart
    Kindle Edition
  2. #16
    Fight Like A Girl
    Clementine Ford
    Kindle Edition
  3. #20
    12 Rules for Life
    Jordan B. Peterson
  4. #27
    The Order of Time
    Carlo Rovelli
    Kindle Edition
  5. #29
    The Long Farewell
    Don Charlwood
    Kindle Edition
  6. #31
    This Naked Mind
    Annie Grace
    Kindle Edition
  7. #35
    The Gulag Archipelago (Vintage Classics)
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    Kindle Edition
    Release Date: 1 November 2018
  8. #36
    A Legacy of Spies
    John le Carré
    Kindle Edition
  9. #37
    Churchill: Walking with Destiny
    Andrew Roberts
    Kindle Edition