Q. How do I access the apps that I have pinned to my Fire TV Home screen?
Your pinned Apps and will now appear in the Main Menu. If you have not customised your Apps row on your current Fire TV experience, you will see a selection of preset apps pinned to the first several positions, followed by any app that you selected as part of the setup process or that you have recently launched. You can also click on the three dots on the Main Menu to view all of your downloaded apps.

Q. How do I download new apps? To find and download new apps from the Appstore, visit Find on the Main Menu and click on the category called “Appstore”.

Q. Can I change the apps that I have pinned to my Fire TV Home screen? Yes. You can add and remove apps from the Main Menu using the ‘pin’, ‘move’ and ‘remove’ options displayed when you hover over any app tile.

Q. How do I access my recently watched TV shows and movies?
The ‘Recent’ row is still the first row beneath the Main Menu, but has been renamed to ‘Next Up for You’ and features recently watched TV shows and movies.

Q. How do I access my recently used apps?
Your recently used apps now appear in the “Recently Used Apps” row below the Main Menu on Home.

Q. How do I search and browse TV shows, movies and apps? I don’t see them in the Main Menu anymore.
‘Find’ replaces ‘Movies’, ‘TV Shows’, ‘Appstore’ and the search magnifying glass you previously saw at the top of your Home screen. Now you can simply go to ‘Find’ to browse, filter and search across TV shows, movies and apps. Already know what you want to watch? Just ask, “Alexa, play Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”.

Q. How do I access my Fire TV ‘Settings’? I don’t see it in the Main Menu anymore.
‘Settings’ is accessible through the gear icon on the Main Menu.

Q. How do I access my purchased and rented content that used to live in ‘Your Videos’?
‘Your Videos’ is now called ‘Library’, and is located on the Main Menu. ‘Library’ is the new destination that houses all your rented or purchased content, watch list and videos.

Q. How many different Profiles can I create?
You can create up to six individual Profiles with the all-new Fire TV experience.

Q. When will my device get the next-generation Fire TV experience?
The all-new Fire TV experience will begin rolling out to the Fire TV Stick Lite in December 2020. Support for additional devices will follow in early 2021.