Subscribe & Save inventory and delivery may be impacted due to increased demand

Given increased demand, some of your Subscribe & Save items may be temporarily unavailable. You can view and manage all upcoming deliveries in Subscribe & Save Manage Your Deliveries.

To confirm the status of your upcoming deliveries, we will send an email before your delivery arrive-by date. This email will include all products we are able to ship and let you know of any out of stock items. At that time, the information sent in your “Review Your Deliveries” email will be reflected on Manage Your Deliveries.

For any out of stock products or delayed shipments, we will send email status updates and keep trying to ship to you for up to 2 weeks after your delivery arrive-by date. We are working with our partners to get these items back in stock as quickly as possible.

If you decide to make a one-time purchase instead, you can skip your subscription delivery or go to Amazon’s Your Orders to cancel any unshipped orders. Your subscription will remain active unless you choose to cancel it.

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