On Amazon.com.au, you can purchase items that Amazon AU sells, items sold by third parties that Amazon AU 'fulfills' (or delivers), items that Amazon US sells from Amazon's Global Store, or items sold and 'fulfilled' by third party sellers.

Speed: Enjoy fast delivery on millions of items fulfilled by Amazon AU

These could be items that Amazon AU sells directly, or third party items that Amazon stocks, packages and delivers on behalf of third party sellers. Find our more about your delivery options below. Note these delivery speeds are based on your item being in stock, and ready to dispatch.

Find out more about our delivery speeds and charges.

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Location: Choose a secure delivery location

Third Party Delivery: Speeds and charges vary

Third party sellers sell and deliver their own items on Amazon.com.au. This means they set their own prices and delivery speeds, and will manage their own customer service. If you're unable to resolve something with them directly, our A-Z Guarantee is available to support you.

Selection: Choose from millions of overseas products

Easily discover a wide selection of products available from Amazon US without leaving Amazon.com.au, via Amazon's Global Store. Purchases from Amazon Global Store are shipped and sold from Amazon US.