The Critical Slide Society

The Critical Slide Society Story

The Critical Slide Society or TCSS or Critical Slide was started in 2009 by two blokes Sam Coombes & Jimmy Slide. The pair both had a unique vision to give a brand the longest name the industry had seen. There was the feeling that all the other brand names were too simple and one dimensional. Something really difficult to fit onto the label of a t-shirt and super tricky to plug in as an email address.

The seeds of the dream started with the quintessentially Aussie collateral of a Commodore Station wagon and a $5000 loan that followed. Originally all designed and produced out of Jimmy & Suzie Slide’s studio on the Central Coast of NSW, the brand tapped into an emerging surf, art & music scene that bucked the big guys status quo. Fully independent and forging their own aesthetic, the brand began.

The Critical Slide Society has built a reputation for the best boardshorts money can buy, picking up Stab’s Best Boardie 3 outta 3 years. The small team of designers, marketers, admin & ops now wield their mouse out of the new Redfern HQ, working across all the categories required to lead that coastal life.

The coastal lifestyle is the core and the heart of what Critical Slide does, it’s the one thing that unites the team and the advocates, all of whom are masters of their own pursuits from surfers to board shapers, to artists and designers. All celebrating the independent and representing a DIY attitude (with a block of wax within an arm's length).

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