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Alexa shopping
Shop the virtual shelves using just your voice. Purchase the essentials, reorder staples or track deliveries without lifting a finger.

Voice Shopping Settings
To avoid reaching the checkout without a way to pay, setup your payment preferences in the Alexa app. You can setup your payment method and select a 4-digit confirmation pin. Here’s how to get started: in the app, go to: MoreSettingsAccount SettingsVoice Purchasing.
add to cart

Add to Cart

You can add an item to your shopping cart and complete your purchase at your convenience — via voice, on or in the mobile shopping app.
“Alexa, add toilet paper to my cart”
“Alexa, what’s in my cart?”
“Alexa, check out my cart”

Daily Deals

If you're keen to bag yourself a bargain or just curious to see top-rated items, just ask Alexa...
“Alexa, what are my top deals?”
“Alexa, search for kettle cleaner”
“Alexa, what are the top-rated headphones?”
“Alexa, show me batteries”*

*Phrase works with screen devices only
daily deals on alexa
where's my package

Track packages

Stay on top of your deliveries. Alexa can track any order — even if you didn’t order using voice shopping.

Try saying:
“Alexa, where’s my stuff?”
“Alexa, what are my notifications?”
“Alexa, track my packages"


Alexa can help take the strain out of reordering a household staple. Simply ask Alexa to reorder an item you’ve bought in the past and Alexa will make this your go-to item for future purchases.

Try saying:
“Alexa, order more Vegemite”
“Alexa, re-order nappies”
order more vegemite
add butter to my shopping list

Shopping Lists

Don't let that must-have item slip your mind by creating a shopping list in the Alexa app. Just say...
“Alexa, add butter to my shopping list”
“Alexa, remove milk from shopping list”
“Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”

Prime Shopping

As a Prime member, you’ll enjoy 30 minutes early access to Prime eligible lightning deals and exclusive access to special shopping deals and events. All for just $6.99 a month.

Learn more about how to get the most out of your Prime membership with Alexa by clicking here.
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