Help Around The House

help around the house

Get your household in order with Alexa

Alexa can help keep your household organised thanks to timers and alarms, reminders, calendars, cooking assistance, notes and to-do lists. You’ll never miss a flight, resort to sending a belated birthday card, or burn a brownie again!
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Whether you need a wake up call or an alarm to keep you on track of your day, Alexa’s got you covered.

Did you know that you can set an ascending alarm or change the alarm tone? Here's how:

Open the Alexa app
Open More and select Alarms & timers
On the Alarms tab, scroll down to Settings
Choose your device
Select Ascending Alarm to set your alarm to gently ring

You can even customise your alarm tone by selecting Simple Alarm beside Default Alarm Tone to scroll through tone options, or choose your favourite song, artist or playlist, too.
Try saying, “Alexa, set a weekday alarm for 7am”
Try saying, “Alexa, set a 6pm alarm to walk the dog"

Timers & Reminders

Alexa can help you to keep on top of your cooking or remind you of dinner plans with timers and reminders. You can name and set multiple timers and reminders, so you never lose track.

Try saying, “Alexa, set a pasta timer for 12 minutes”
Try saying, “Alexa, set a timer for 15 minutes”
Try saying, “Alexa, remind me to take out the rubbish”
Try saying, "Alexa, set a reminder on the 1st of every month to pay the bills”
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In The Kitchen

Alexa is the kitchen whiz you need, serving up step-by-step guides for over 50,000 recipes by From lamingtons to chicken parmigiana, Alexa will have you dishing up delights.

Try saying, “Alexa, show me lamington recipes”
Try saying, “Alexa, find me chicken recipes”

Not sure what to cook? Alexa can help to inspire you with up to 3 ingredients that you have on hand, or with any mealtime occasion.

Try saying, “Alexa, what should I make with salmon, pasta and cream?”
Try saying, "Alexa, give me popular recipes"

You can even come back to a recipe later! Try saying, "Alexa, save recipe"

To find it again, try saying, Alexa, give me my saved recipes"

Shopping & To Do Lists

Alexa keeps you on top of your daily tasks with shopping and to-do lists. Put an end to forgetting to buy that essential item by asking Alexa to add it to your shopping list. All you have to do is use your voice to add items to your list and access it in the Alexa app whenever’s convenient for you.
Try saying, “Alexa, create a list”
Try saying, “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”
Try saying, “Alexa, add call Mum to my to do list”
Try saying, “Alexa, add toilet paper to my shopping list”
Try saying, “Alexa, what lists do I have?”
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Get everyone’s attention with announcements. Broadcast a voice message around your home to one or multiple supported devices which are registered to the same account.

Try saying, “Alexa, announce good morning everyone”
Try saying, “Alexa, tell everyone dinner’s ready”


Get help planning your day. Alexa can tell you today's weather forecast or prepare you for the rest of the week.

Try saying, “Alexa, what's the weather?”
Try saying, “Alexa, will it rain tomorrow in Bondi?”
Try saying, "Alexa, what's the forecast for this week?"

Not finding what you’re looking for? Try Alexa Help