Make your house a Smart Home

Try saying

  • "Alexa, discover my device"
    After you set up a device, Alexa can help you connect it.
  • "Alexa, turn on the lights"
    Alexa can help you turn on the lights with just your voice.
  • “Alexa, turn on the TV"
    Alexa can help you turn on the TV with just your voice.
  • “Alexa, talk to the front door”
    Use your Echo devices to talk to a connected camera at the front door.
Alexa can turn your house into a smart home, allowing you to voice control Alexa compatible Smart Home devices like lights, cameras and plugs. Dim the lights, check the baby cam, or turn on the kettle using your compatible Echo device or the Alexa app. It really is the ‘smart’ way to live your life.
smart home devices

Set up a Smart Device

To create a connected home, simply plug in and power on your new smart home device. Then say, “Alexa, discover devices.” You can also add devices through the Amazon Alexa app:

Before you connect your device to Alexa, complete set up for your device using the manufacturer's companion app or website.

Open the Alexa app.
Open More and select Add a Device
Select the type of smart home device you want to connect.
Select the brand and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: Some devices need a skill to connect to Alexa. If your device requires a skill, enable the skill in the Alexa app first.

Do more with your Smart Home


Having to get up to flick a light switch could become a thing of the past, thanks to voice-controlled lights with Alexa. Whether you’re dimming the lights for movie night, unwinding in the bath with mood lighting, or turning off your lamp while tucked up in bed, Alexa is on hand to help.

Try saying, “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights”
Try saying, “Alexa, dim the bedroom lights”
Try saying, “Alexa, turn the living room lamp blue”
alexa, turn on the lights
alexa guard can help you keep your home safe


Get plugged into Smart Home with Alexa compatible smart plugs to control everything from lamps, fans and coffee makers to Christmas trees. You can even keep an eye on your electricity usage with an energy monitoring smart plug.

Try saying, “Alexa, turn on the lamp”
Try saying, “Alexa, turn off the fan”
Try saying, “Alexa, turn on the coffee machine”


Alexa-compatible smart cameras offer peace of mind that the things that matter most to you are safe and secure. Using your Echo Show 8 or smart phone, keep an eye on your bub from your bed, see who’s at the door, or check on your pet.

Try saying, “Alexa, show me the front door"
Try saying, “Alexa, show me the nursery”
Try saying, “Alexa, show me the living room camera”
delivery man on ring
woman in bed

Create a Routine

With a single phrase, Alexa can perform a series of actions, such as providing the weather, a news update and turning on the lights. To get started, visit the Alexa app and follow these steps:

1. Select More on the bottom right of the screen.
2. Select Routines.
3. Select + to create a routine.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Try Alexa Help