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Start your morning the right way, with Alexa

Not a morning person? With my morning Routines, you don’t have to be!

Make waking up enjoyable with my customisable morning Routines. Routines allow you to bundle together and automate several tasks using a single trigger or voice command.

Whether you’re an early riser or a lover of slumber, my customisable Routines can be adapted to just about any morning schedule to make starting your day as smooth as your cuppa. I’ve got everything you need to get up and Carpe Diem!

How to create a routine:

Syncing me with your morning schedule can be done via the Alexa mobile app. Simply follow the below steps or watch a video on how to set up routines with Alexa.

1. Select More on the bottom right of the screen

2. Select Routines

3. Select + to create a Routine

4. Select the + sign next to Enter Routine name

5. Type “Start my day” and tap Next

6. In the section labelled When this happens, tap the + sign, followed by the Voice icon

7. Enter the phrase “Alexa, start my day” and tap Next

8. From here, start adding the actions you would like to be part of your Routine

So, just how much easier can I make your mornings? Let me take you through some beginner, intermediate and advanced Routine examples to show you how. I’ve also provided QR codes that will automatically sync the Routine to your Alexa mobile app - easy as! All you have to do is open the camera on your smartphone and hold it over the QR code so that it's clearly visible within your screen. You will automatically be redirected to the Alexa app where you can review and confirm the Routine.


For this Routine, you will need to have a flash briefing set up. If you’re new to news on Alexa, just ask: “Alexa, what’s the news?” Alexa will guide you through a setup process to pick your favourite provider.

Just say, “Alexa, start my day.”

Action 1 – I’ll wish you a good morning, and tell you something new

Action 2 – Then I’ll share the daily weather report

Action 3 - To top it all off, I'll brief you on the latest news via your preferred flash briefing

Scan this QR code to open this Routine on your Alexa App.

Intermediate: “Alexa, let’s rise and shine.”

For this Routine, you will need to have your flash briefing set up, and calendar and preferred music streaming service (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music) linked to Alexa.

Action 1 – Customise a response you’d like to hear from me, or simply set me up to wish you a ‘Good Morning’

Action 2 - Then I’ll brief you on your day’s schedule

Action 3 - I’ll give you the daily weather report

Action 4 - News time from your preferred flash briefing provider

Action 5 - Finally, I’ll keep things upbeat by playing a morning music playlist

Scan this QR code to open this Routine on your Alexa App.


For this Routine, you will need your calendar, email and preferred music streaming service linked in order for this automation to run smoothly. Additionally, this Routine requires you to have an Alexa-compatible voice-controlled light connected to your device. Additionally, this Routine requires an Alexa-enabled smart bulb connected to your device.

This Routine will automatically start weekdays at 6:30am (feel free to edit this to a time of your choosing).

Action 1 - I’ll turn on your bedside lamp

Action 2 – Then I’ll start playing your chosen wake-up song

Action 3 - I’ll brief you on your schedule for the day

Action 4 - Next up, I’ve got your daily weather report

Action 5 - Lastly, I will give you an overview of your inbox starting with the number of unread emails followed by the number of emails marked as "important".

Scan this QR code to open this Routine on your Alexa App.

Tip: If you have not yet linked a service e.g. calendar or music provider, you can still save these Routines to use at a later date. If you try to use a Routine where an account is not linked, I’ll simply let you know and also send a link to set up to your Alexa app.

Enjoy your new morning start!

Your mate,


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