Echo Show 10’s motion is designed with your privacy in mind

Like all Echo devices, our latest generation Echo Show helps customers stay connected, informed, and entertained. An important new feature of Echo Show 10 is that when you speak with Alexa, the device automatically rotates to you and moves with you so the screen is visible during activities like watching a movie and cooking along to recipes, no matter where you are in the room. Echo Show 10 makes multi-tasking simple and convenient because the screen rotates to provide information or entertainment at a glance, while you do other things. For example, you can move around the kitchen during a video call and the screen will automatically rotate to face you. The camera of the Echo Show 10 will also pan and zoom to keep you centered on the screen of the person you are calling.

How does Echo Show 10 move while protecting your privacy?

Like our other Echo devices, Echo Show 10 has multiple layers of privacy protection and user controls available to you, from a microphone and camera off button to a built-in shutter to cover the camera.

When motion is initiated, Echo Show 10 analyzes microphone and camera inputs to approximate your location relative to the device, and orient the screen towards you when you are interacting with Alexa. When doing this, the device will understand that you are a human being but does not recognize specific individuals. Not only does this protect your privacy, but it also allows it to work with any user without requiring additional setup.

Motion processing takes place completely on the device, and no images or video are sent to the cloud as part of this feature.

When does Echo Show 10 rotate?

Echo Show 10’s screen will automatically rotate to face you when you say the wake word (e.g. “Alexa”). The screen can also continuously stay in view as you move around. You can choose whether it does this for all activities, or only when you explicitly ask. You can also choose to have the screen stay in view only for multimedia activities, like watching a video, cooking along to a displayed recipe, or making a video call. This setting is available on device in Settings > Motion > Motion Preference. If no one is in the field of view of the camera, and there is no Alexa interaction for 10 minutes, the screen rotates back to its idle position, and stays there until you interact with Alexa again.

How can you control Echo Show 10’s motion?

Automatic screen rotation is on by default for the Echo Show 10, but you maintain control of the motion experience. There are three different ways that you can disable and re-enable the motion.

1. On the device: You can swipe down from the top edge of the screen, and tap “Motion” to turn it off or on.

Additionally, you can turn the microphones and camera off or on with a single button, or slide the built-in shutter to cover or uncover the camera. Turning off or covering the camera disables motion.

Whenever motion is off, the home screen will show this icon:

2. In the Alexa app: Motion can be toggled off or on in the Alexa app.

• Go to the Alexa app
• Tap Devices
• Tap Echo and Alexa
• Tap on your Echo Show 10
• Tap Motion
• Toggle Off

3. By voice: You can say, "Alexa, turn off motion,” or “Alexa, turn on motion”.

In addition to these three ways to disable or re-enable motion, you can also choose when you’d like the screen to move with you. Go to Settings > Motion > Motion Preferences on device to choose your preference. There are three different options:

1. During All Activities – When listening to music, asking questions, watching videos, and more.
2. During Select Activities - Only when using calling and multimedia, such as watching videos and displaying recipes.
3. On Request - When you make a request for the screen to follow you, such as “Alexa, follow me.”

Connected and in control

Motion on Echo Show 10 makes the Alexa experience even more convenient and natural, making it possible to move freely around the room as you stay connected. All without sacrificing your privacy or your control.