Mission Perseverance
Mission Perseverance
by applicate
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”Alexa launch Mission Perseverance”
”Alexa open Mission Perseverance and search for Sky Crane”
”Alexa ask Mission Perseverance for videos about Parachute”
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This skill will allow you to explore videos related to the Perseverance mission from the public NASA archive. This is a private skill from frank.boerncke@gmail.com. The author is happy about feedback! Find out more of about his skills at https://www.applicate.de The material presented in this skill is found using the public API described at "https://api.nasa.gov/". Start the skill: "Alexa launch Mission Perseverance" One shot search: "Alexa as Mission Perseverance for films about Ingenuity" Within the skill you cann search for contents by search expressions: - "Alexa, search for latest videos" - "Alexa, search for Jezero Crater", - "Alexa, search for Ancient Life", - "Alexa, search for Touchdown", - "Alexa, search for Parachute", - "Alexa, search for Sky Crane", - "Alexa, search for Ingenuity", - "Alexa, search for Sample Return", - "Alexa, search for Audio", - "Alexa, search for Microphone", - "Alexa, search for Rover", - "Alexa, search for OPTIMISM", - "Alexa, search for Red Planet", - "Alexa, search for Entry", - "Alexa, search for Descent", - "Alexa, search for Laboratory", - "Alexa, search for Cape Canaveral", Up to six videos are presented on the the result screen. You can filter and resort the results using the following commands: - "short videos first", - "show short videos", - "long videos first", - "show long videos", - "new videos first", - "old videos first", Alexa can read the content description texts for you: - "Alexa, describe film number 1?", - "Alexa, what happens in film number 1?", Select a video by touching on one of the six results or use voice command refering to the number of the film: - "Alexa, play film number 2" - "Alexa, show film 1" Within a video you have the following options: - "Alexa, Pause" - "Alexa, Continue" - "Alexa, back to result page" - "Alexa, show that again" (will skip back 30 seconds) - "Alexa, 30 seconds forward" - "Alexa, 30 seconds backward" - "Alexa, 10 minutes forward" - "Alexa, 10 minutes backward" You can also Pause/Countinue by touching on the screen. Limitations: Please note that some videos may not work on older Echo devices because of technical limitations. NASA videos are published in different formats and some of them might not work on some devices under certain circumstances.
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