Rhyme Zone
Rhyme Zone
by Blue Planet Info Solutions India Pvt Ltd
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”Alexa start rhyme zone game”
”play twinkle twinkle rhyme”
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Rhymes Zone is an Alexa skill which is created for user to learn and understand the rhymes line by line. In line with our aim to expose user to various poems or rhymes we had made in this skill. In this project we have set total 50 number of rhymes set. In which when a user will say first line of poem then Alexa will say second line of poem and this happens one by one until the poem ends. If the user does mistakes while saying the rhyme then the Alexa will tell the user that the line said by you is wrong and also it will correct the line of the rhyme. It is very good skill for the user because in this skill we have added so many poems that the user will feel interesting while learning the poems and they will have fun while learning .If a user want to listen rhyme then invoke Alexa by saying rhyme Zone game then Alexa will ask that which rhyme do you want to sing or play, and then Alexa will tell the first line of the rhyme and user should say the next line of the rhyme. If you want to understand more about the game just say "help" after waking up the skill name. Enjoy the game...
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