ABC Emergency
ABC Emergency
by ABC
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”Alexa, open ABC Emergency”
”Alexa, ask ABC Emergency to give me an update for Sydney”
”Alexa, are there any emergencies near me?”
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The ABC Emergency skill allows you to get a quick update on any fires, floods, storms and more near you. It only takes seconds to get crucial information for any town or suburb in Australia — and if you set your favourite location, it's even quicker. To get started, it's as simple as saying "Alexa, open ABC Emergency" or "Alexa, are there any emergencies near me?". If you want emergency information faster, try including your town or suburb in your request: for instance, say a phrase like "Alexa, ask ABC Emergency to give me an update for Perth". And if you include the postcode as well, we'll know which location you want information about straight away: "Alexa, ask ABC Emergency to give me an update for Parramatta 2150." Here are some other handy tips: Want to use your device location? Just say "Alexa, use my device location" at any point while using the skill Want to set a new favourite location? Just say "Alexa, set my favourite location" Want us to forget your favourite location? Just say "Alexa, reset my favourite location" This service was created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and provides real-time data from the Bureau of Meteorology and Australia's state-based emergency services. Information can be accessed for all 15,000+ towns and suburbs across the country. We'd love to receive your feedback: email and include "ABC Emergency" in the subject line. Note: The ABC Emergency skill does not currently provide information about communicable diseases, including coronavirus.
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