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Every parent feels like they could use some assistance sometimes! Now, you can ask First 5 Forever and Errol the Frog for new ways to talk, read, sing and play with your 0-5 year old. With a new tip each week curated to the age of your child from birth to 5 years old, or the option to hear Errol’s tip of the day, the First 5 Forever voice experience will grow with you and your family. All 320 tips have been developed in partnership with State Library Queensland and early literacy professionals to guide and support parents on their journey to boost their child’s brain development and give them a lifelong love of learning and discovery. As well as fun, brain-boosting activities to share, First 5 Forever also has a huge selection of reading suggestions for books to borrow from your local library. Forgotten the nursery rhymes of your youth? Never fear! First 5 Forever is here to help. Ask First 5 Forever to play a nursery rhyme and sing along with Errol the Frog. Hungry for more? Listen to a preview of the latest First 5 Forever article or blog post, and if it sounds interesting get the link emailed to read during your next (gone cold) cuppa break.
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