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Pray Pray
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”Alexa, launch Pray Pray.”
”Alexa, ask Pray Pray to remind me 15 minutes before Zuhr Salaat.”
”Alexa, ask Pray Pray to recite Surah Yaseen”
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Looking for the ultimate Islamic skill for your Alexa device? Frustrated of not being able to take advantage of the full potential of the Alexa platform? Welcome to PrayPray. The skill so good, you say it twice! PrayPray is the ultimate Alexa skill that allows Muslims from around the world to take advantage of the Alexa technology in providing a powerful platform for families to get Salaat time reminders, Islamic recitations, relevant calendar events, and even local Masjid specific information. The goal is to be the best Voice-Assisted Information Hub for Muslims everywhere. With PrayPray, you can do some amazing things such as setup automated reminders for prayers such as; “Alexa, ask Pray Pray to setup my daily reminders for Fajr prayers" OR “Alexa, ask Pray Pray to setup ALL my daily reminders for prayers” That's it. You say it once, and Pray Pray will setup all of your family's prayer reminders. Parents can do this even for specific Alexa-supported devices! Pray Pray can even play various Azaans and Surahs on command, or even setup fixed-time reminders for specific events; “Alexa, ask PrayPray to remind me 30 minutes before Maghrib Salaat starts”. ADVANCED USERS: Version 2.0 introduces a sub-skill that allows you to setup a routine for automated Maghrib Azaan to play. Visit for more setup information. The real magic comes in the local content that you can receive from your local participating* Masjid. Imagine the possibilities…. “Alexa, ask Pray Pray what time Jummah prayers are at my Mosque”. (coming soon) For Masjids to join Pray Pray is absolutely free, so encourage your local Mosque to join today. PrayPray works with any device that supports Alexa, including Echo devices, Fire TV’s, Alexa-enabled devices, as well as IOS and Android devices through the Alexa Assistant. Visit for all of the available commands, upcoming features, support options, and more exciting details. Pray Pray, it’s so good, you say it twice! Changelog: 1.1 - Introduction of PrayPray Skill. - Setup automated reminders for 5 Daily prayers. - Take into account various Jurisdiction and Calculation methods. - Separate Fajr Azaan for Fajr prayers. - 4 different Azaans to select as default Azaan. - Remove automated reminders. - Play Azaan on command. - Reset Jurisdiction and Calculation methods. - Some Eastern Eggs introduced. Notes: From a development perspective, one of the most frustrating things about Alexa in its current state is the inability to recite the Azaan when it is prayer time. Believe us, this is the #1 item on our list to enable, and with version 2.0, we have fixed this for Maghrib Prayers. Please visit for more details on how to configure this. Until we get the Alexa Development team to enable more features to allow us to add this feature for the other 4 Salaat times, please simply use any of the various commands available at your disposal. For example: When Alexa says: "This is a Reminder from PrayPray. It's time for Asr Salaat." You can respond with: "Alexa, ask PrayPray to play the Azaan." We realize this is just a workaround for the time being. Please feel free to connect with us at for any additional comments or suggestions.
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