PrayPray - Daily Azaan
PrayPray - Daily Azaan
by PrayPray, Inc.
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”Alexa, open daily azaan”
”Alexa, launch daily azaan”
”Alexa, start daily azaan”
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This sub-skill is designed to be the advanced companion skill for the PrayPray skill. Please also enable the PrayPray skill today through your Amazon App or Amazon Store. What this sub-skill enables is the widely-sought after ability for Maghrib Azaan to play automatically at Maghrib time. Please note this sub-skill is designed for Advanced users, as due to limitations with the Alexa platform, automated Azaans can ONLY play through the creation of User-created Routines. Thankfully, this process is extremely easy, and full instructions are provided on We have several new features and functionalities that we are continuously building into the PrayPray skill. Please enable your PrayPray skill in addition to this sub-skill to ensure you can enjoy the full PrayPray experience.
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