Pirate Island
Pirate Island
by CogniVocal
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Pirate Island is an awarded adventure game that will engage you in a unique voice-first experience. You'll have to learn how to navigate, and sword fighting and your brain will be your best ally to challenge cunning pirates on dice and make tough choices to explore and thrive in this ruthless world. You've never played a voice game before? Don't worry; there are several infamous characters to guide you through this adventure. If you are feeling the greed running on your veins step on board and become the pirate, you were destined to be! Are you brave enough to play? Follow us at facebook.com/Pirateislandvoicegame for tips, tricks, and news. FEEDBACK: Pirate Island is an initiative of CogniVocal a startup which is exploring new possibilities through voice interactions. We are continually improving the game to offer you the best experience in this brand new technology. So we genuinely appreciate feedback about your game experience, please reach us out on our community facebook.com/Pirateislandvoicegame or contact@cognivocal.com
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English (AU), English (GB), English (US)