Spooky Street
Spooky Street
by VERSA Voice Labs
Free to Enable
”Alexa, Play Spooky Street”
”Alexa, Open Spooky Street”
”Alexa, Start Spooky Street”
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Take a tour down Spooky Street, where you'll be visiting some spoooooky characters. Wait and listen for the residents of Spooky Street to tell you about themselves. You've got two guesses and that's it! Correct answers will be awarded treats or a trick. At the end of the game, your treats will be totalled up for virtual enjoyment. Players have the opportunity to answer up to 5 questions within a game. Once you've enabled the skill, start the game by saying: - "Alexa, Start Spooky Street" - "Alexa, Play Spooky Street" - "Alexa, Open Spooky Street" FEEDBACK: Please leave us a review if you like our skill, or send us an email with your suggestions and what new characters you like us to add at hello@versa.agency For more Alexa Skills please visit our website versa.agency
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English (AU), English (CA), English (GB), English (US)