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The easiest way to listen to Australian radio on Alexa. Find local stations near you and around Australia. RadioApp has nearly 300 Australian radio stations in one very easy to use skill, including commercial radio, ABC, SBS and DAB+ digital radio stations. To use RadioApp for the first time, just say 'Alexa, open RadioApp'. Alternatively, you can also say "Alexa, ask RadioApp to play..", and then say your favourite station's name. For example, "Alexa, ask RadioApp to play Triple M." To help find the right station you are after, RadioApp uses the postcode that your device is registered to. Should you wish to change the postcode, all you have to say is, "Alexa, ask RadioApp to change my postcode". You can ask for stations by frequency, eg "Alexa, ask RadioApp to play 1116". You can also ask for stations out of town, eg "Alexa, ask RadioApp to play SEN". You can listen to stations such as: Nova, Triple M, KIIS, 2GB, Triple J, Smooth, Fox FM, Power FM, ABC Radio, 3AW, SEN 1116, WSFM, Mix, SBS PopAsia, 2Day FM, Sky Sports, Gold 104.3, 4BC, Macquarie Sports Radio, Double J, Sea FM, Mixx FM, Kix Country, Star FM, 97.3fm, Hit, ABC RN, Hot Tomato, i98fm and many more. RadioApp. Your radio, wherever you are.
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