Cricket Trivia
Cricket Trivia
by Shauvik Kumar
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Do you call yourself a Cricket Superfan? Well, I am sure there are many amazing facts about Cricket that you are not aware of! You don't need to worry here as I have covered more than 500 unknown and lesser known Cricket Facts that probably you aren't aware of, so sit back relax and hear this skill from Alexa everyday. We would love for you to rate us positively on the skill store please. It won't even take 20 seconds & will go a long way in helping us build better apps for you. Thanks for trusting and using. Hope you have a informative time. You can say: "Alexa, open Cricket Trivia" "Alexa, start Cricket Trivia" "Alexa, launch Cricket Trivia" Please leave a 5-star review if you love this skill, or send us an email with your suggestions at shauvzzz AT Your 5-star reviews encourage us to keep making more great skills, thanks!
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