Bedtime Explorers
Bedtime Explorers
by Kinderling Kids Radio
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”Alexa, open Bedtime Explorers”
”Alexa, ask Bedtime Explorers to set a bedtime reminder for 7pm”
”Alexa, ask Bedtime Explorers to play Dinosaur Buddies”
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NEW - Dinosaur Buddies episodes available alongside Magical Places and Animal Magic. NEW - Reminders feature to help get your little ones off to bed. Say “Alexa, ask Bedtime Explorers to set a bedtime reminder for 7pm”. Hello little explorer. Did you go an adventure today? Did you explore anything new? Did you have a lot of fun? Exploring takes lots of energy doesn’t it? So when its time to slow down, settle down and snuggle down, it’s time to become a Bedtime Explorer. Bedtime Explorers are imaginative meditative journeys for children guided by mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, and calming sound design by Max Gosford. Each Bedtime Explorer episode invites children on an imaginative journey, teaching them easy-to-learn meditation techniques that they can use to fall asleep, or to just relax when the big things in life pile up on the little people we love. We hope your little ones love listening to Bedtime Explorers. We hope you grown-ups love them too!
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