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The Amazon Math skill offers an easy and fun way for kids to practice math. Kids choose their current grade level from Kindergarten through 5th grade and can choose from a variety of topics, including addition, multiplication, comparing, rounding, and more! Kids complete sets of 5 math problems and can choose to focus on a specific topic or do a mix of topics. Alexa keeps track of scores and progress and can increase or decrease the difficulty of a topic as needed. Alexa can even take turns counting with you, by any number, and will celebrate when you reach counting goals. Once you're in the skill, you can use the following commands to help you navigate: Repeat/Say it again - Hear the question again Change Topic - Alexa will switch to a different, grade-appropriate topic Harder/Easier- Alexa will move you up or down in difficulty List all Topics - Find out all the different topics you can choose from What's my score? - Get the total score for the session Change Grade - If another user from a different grade wants to play
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