Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds
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”Alexa, open animal sounds.”
”Alexa, ask Animal Sounds for a Pig sound.”
”Alexa, ask Animal Sounds for a Monkey sound.”
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You can now ask Alexa what sound an animal makes. Real animal sounds are used in this skill so you will learn what the animal really sounds like. Here is a list of the available sounds sheep fox goat dog lion whale dolphin tiger crow cat seagull rooster squirrel rhino peacock bat otter crocodile hippo raccoon hawk zebra hyena lemur panther panda koala gorilla jaguar wolf cow moose penguin owl pig turkey donkey guinea pig chicken duck goose alpaca sea lion camel bee wasp mosquito cricket bird snake frog elephant horse bear monkey gecko flamingo badger caterpillar (eating a leaf) cheetah cockatiel fish (splashing in water) giraffe (deep humming sound) hamster hedgehog kangaroo kookaburra mouse octopus (bubbling water sound) ostrich pigeon puffin rabbit reindeer sloth spider (its a tarantula stridulating (rubbing legs together)) tortoise woodpecker You can also say RANDOM for a random animal sound. **RECENTLY ADDED OR UPDATED** african wild dog albatross alligator anteater antelope barn owl beetle bison blackbird blue tit bluebird boa budgie buffalo bull frog bull bushtit buzzard canary cardinal centipede chameleon chimpanzee cockroach colt crab crane crossbill cuckoo dove dung beetle eagle ray emu falcon ferret flycatcher galapagos tortoise great tit grouse hare heron hornet iguana jackal jay kestrel kingfisher kitten kiwi lady bird lamb little dog llama loon macaw magpie mandril manta ray marmot mockingbird mole monitor lizard nightingale nutcracker orangutan orca ox parrot pelican pheasant platypus porcupine possum puppy python quail rattle snake raven resplendent quetzal roadrunner robin rook salamander seal shelduck skunk skylark snail sparrow starling stork swallow swan swift tapir thrasher thrush toad vulture walrus warthog weasel wild boar wildebeest worm wren yak ant fly toucan coyote prairie dog guinea fowl komodo dragon lynx (bobcat) eagle cicadas cougar hummingbird chick (baby chicken) leopard rat chickadee human **EASTER EGGS** unicorn dinosaur shark ghost alien ANIMAL TYPES You can ask for a type of animal sound. Just say "Play a farm animal sound" Types available: Farm Animal Jungle Animal Ocean Animal Savanna Animal Woodland Animal Mountain Animal Desert Animal Scary Animal Domestic Animal River Animal ANIMAL FACTS You can ask for information on the animal like: Size: Just say "what is the length of a pig" Weight: Just say "what is the weight of a pig" Fun fact: Just say "give me a fun fact for a pig" Speed: Just say "what is the top speed of a pig" Lifespan: Just say "what is the lifespan of a pig" Food: Just say "what is a pig's favourite food" Enjoy! HUGO.FM FEEDBACK: Positive feedback? Yay! Hit that review button and write review telling me what you liked. It will make my day and give me the energy to keep making more content for the skill. If you leave a review with a suggestion for an animal sound, I will try and get it added for you. Negative feedback? Bummer! I will do my best to fix the issue. Use this Link: I will see what I can do to help you :) TWITTER: @hugocatchpole
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