Burglar Deterrent
Burglar Deterrent
by Hero Software
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”Alexa, open Burglar Deterrent”
”Alexa, ask Burglar Deterrent to protect the kitchen”
”Alexa, tell Burglar Deterrent to sound like the living room”
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Burglar Deterrent is designed to help protect your home from unwanted visitors when you are out. It will give the illusion that your house is occupied using realistic audio to deter potential intruders. A would-be thief will be convinced someone is performing daily activities such as cleaning, talking, laughing, working in the home office and preparing food. This will complement your existing security arrangements, giving you an extra level of reassurance. Choose the environment that suits the location of your Alexa device: - Living room (Sitting Room, Lounge, Den, or any general room) - Kitchen (Dining Area) - Bathroom (Washroom, Shower) - Home Office (Study) - Barking dog (Guard Dog) - Games Room (Playroom) - Party - Baby crying (Nursery) - Garage (Workshop, Shed, D.I.Y.) HOW TO USE When you open Burglar Deterrent you will be prompted to select a sound environment. The audio will continuously play until you say "Alexa, stop". When re-starting the skill you can now easily continue with the sound and settings you used last time. If you choose a new sound it's now easier to customize the activity level and background music. Your choices are remembered for future uses. Choose the combination of activity level and music that suits your needs best. Activity Level High - more action, less quiet gaps Activity Level Low - more realistic, more quiet gaps Music On - background music playing Music Off - just the sounds without music [NEW] SCHEDULING AND LINKING TO SMART SECURITY CAMERAS You can use Burglar Deterrent on a schedule or when motion is detected from your smart security camera. For full instructions visit: https://www.hero-software.co.uk/burglardeterrent WHAT CAN I SAY? Here are some example phrases you can use as shortcuts: "Alexa, ask Burglar Deterrent to protect the bathroom" "Alexa, tell Burglar Deterrent to simulate the home office" "Alexa, ask Burglar Deterrent to sound like the dining area" "Alexa, open Burglar Deterrent and protect the lounge" "Alexa, ask Burglar Deterrent for a barking dog" FEEDBACK Contact us: https://www.hero-software.co.uk
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