Ballyland Flight
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Ballyland Flight

by Sonnar Interactive LTD

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Ballyland™ Flight is a fun, educational game for young children – free on Alexa! The story takes your
child to the popular Ballyland, an imaginary world that is home to the Ballylanders, created by
Sonokids®. This is where they will find Ballicopter, the little red helicopter, flying high through the skies,
on his way to visit one of his friends. What will happen and how his adventure will go, will be decided by
your child using their voice! Your child is encouraged to engage with the story and uses simple words to
choose different points in the story, developing voice control interaction with Alexa in a safe
environment. Every selection will change the course of the story. This game was created by experienced
audio game developers and is particularly rich in audio. It uses a well-known, friendly voice for narration,
includes two original songs that your child may want to move or dance along with, and offers great
sound effects that will captivate their imagination. Young children who are blind or visually impaired will
also be able to enjoy and engage with this story, building self-confidence in the use of voice control
technology. Every day is a Ballyland day, and a Ballyland day is a happy day!

Learning outcomes:
 Develop simple voice commands to use smart speaker technology with voice control
 Choice Making skills
 Concept of Cause & Effect
 Language skills
 Concept of sequencing
 Singing and moving along to songs
 Recognize sounds of musical instruments (banjo, xylophone, harmonica, bongo drums)
 Enjoy and recognize musical styles (the final song is played in jazz, reggae, pop and rock version).
 Conceptual understanding of selecting options, through Ballicopter’s story.
 Concepts such as weather (nice and bad, sunny and windy), animals (duck, sheep, rabbit), slow,
fast, grumpy, happy, friendship.

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English (AU), English (CA), English (GB), English (US)