Hypnotize Me
Hypnotize Me
by Sarah Shelley
Free to Enable
”Alexa, open Hypnotize Me”
”Alexa, start Hypnotize Me”
”Alexa, launch Hypnotize me”
With Hypnotize Me, you will reach that hypnotic sleep pattern without effort or simply achieve a mode of peace in just a short time. let Hypnotize Me take you away to another depth of calm. Your mind is active while you sleep, resolving anything that is on your mind from the days events. Your brain continuous to work through the night. Listening to soothing and relaxing sounds while you sleep helps to keep you in a positive state of mind that will help you reach your goals when your awake. Listen to Hypnotize Me for daily meditation or yoga to achieve your desired state of mind. Hypnotize can also be used for background music in Day spas or massage clinics. Hypnotize Me has a sleep program that will play for 1 hour until you fall asleep or you can choose to play as long as you like by letting the track loop until you ask Alexa to stop. ** Extras available ** * Additional Loops * Bonus Music, Featuring four extra sounds This track is designed to help you relax, breathe easy and achieve that regular sleep that you've been missing. I hope you enjoy. You can say: "Alexa, open Hypnotize Me" "Alexa, start Hypnotize Me" "Alexa, launch Hypnotize Me" Please try out our other skills from the same category, also designed to help you relax and sleep. These skills are listed below; * Whale Symphony * Hearts Desire * Dream Achiever If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send an email to sargef38@bigpond.com. We would love to hear your thoughts to help improve this skill or future skills. Thank you
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