Emotion Coaching
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Emotion Coaching

by CogniVocal

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Emotion Coaching Moments is committed to promoting the benefits of emotion coaching for parents in Australia, and the use of voice technology as an easy way to learn about emotion coaching, anytime and anywhere.

Emotion Coaching is a practical communication-based approach to help you engage in everyday moments with your child.

This skill provides learnings for parents can use emotion coaching to build confidence and support their child's emotional and social development by helping them to understand their many emotions.

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Emotion Coaching is an initiative of CogniVocal a startup that believes voice technology can make people lives easier. We are continually improving the skill to offer you the best experience in this brand new technology.

So we genuinely appreciate feedback about your experience, please contact us on support@emotioncoaching.ai

Emotion Coaching Moments gives general information for parents about building emotional intelligence in children.

The content is not a substitute for professional or expert advice from a health-care provider. If you have any concerns when interpreting the content to consult your health-care provider.

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