Times Tables Streak
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Times Tables Streak

by Andrej Grobler

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How many multiplication and division questions can you get right in a row? 10, 20, 100? Try to beat your personal best across multiple sessions with this engaging skill.
You can choose between three activities: reciting, test and streak challenge.
Reciting is a way to quickly memorize an individual times table by listening and chanting along with Alexa who recites the multiples, for example, "4, 8, 12, 16", etc.
Then, when you're feeling confident to take a test, Alexa will give you a series of random questions for a given times table and check your responses, for example, "what is 6 times 4?", "16 divided by 4?", etc. During the test, Alexa notes the incorrect answers and repeats those questions, until you get all correct. Kind of like flash cards, just spoken.
In this skill, times tables can go up to 16 by 16 which is the top, "hard" level. You begin at the "easy" level with tables of up to 8 by 8, while the middle level is called "moderate" with tables of up to 12 by 12. You can change the difficulty level at any time by saying, for example, "set level to moderate".
If you're feeling pretty confident at a certain level, you can try the streak challenge. Unlike with a normal test, in a streak, Alexa asks questions across all times tables of your current level. The streak breaks with the first incorrect answer. Each correct answer brings points based on the difficulty of the question and as you progress Alexa keeps a total score. Alexa also tracks your personal best across multiple sessions and will congratulate you every time you beat it. If you need to leave in a hurry, just say "pause" and your streak will automatically resume next time you open the skill.
Questions in tests and streaks also include real-life problems, such as: "Grandma is baking scones for the family of 5. How many does she need to bake if they all eat 4 scones each?"
Most questions come with hints which are offered automatically if you wait for too long with an answer, or you can just say "help". For example, on a question "what is 9 times 6" the hint would be: "if you know what 10 times 6 is, just subtract 6 from that".
All tests and streaks include division questions, which come up randomly in about a third of all questions.

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